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St Luke's Parish Church



S. Luke's is an Anglo-Catholic Parish within the Church of England.

Resolutions A, B & C have been passed by the Parochial Church Council and comes under the Pastoral Care of the PEV, The Bishop of Beverley. S. Luke's is plain, yet withal beautiful, in its calm severity. The church is like "the King's daughter" mentioned in the Psalms "all glorious within."

No one could be flippant beneath its calm roof; it stands alone among the churches of Southport for reverent, impressive solemnity. This type of architecture is eminently suitable for a high ritualistic service. The windows of the aisles and clerestory are pleasantly grouped, and a good effect has thus been obtained by simple means. Internally - There is richness in the chancel, culminating in the stately reredos of 1897, by Harry Hems, of Exeter, with its central subject a lovely painting of the Crucifixion of Our Lord executed by Herr Kehren, of Dusseldorf.

At the end of a busy day and a long tramp, one is glad to sit within this sacred place. You are always welcome at S. Luke's.

Vision / Mission statement / Values

Bringing lost souls to Jesus Christ.


Contact details

St Luke's Parish Church
St Luke's Road

Tel: 01704 537734

Email: services@sluke.co.uk

Main Service:

Sunday 10.30am & 6.30pm


Revd. Fr. Anthony Oulton SSC


Church of England (Anglo-catholic)


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